What is the highest paying job in the Coast Guard?

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ighest paying job at United States Coast Guard? Senior Strategic Consultant is the highest paying job at United States Coast Guard at $160,000 annually.

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Never mind, do coast guards get paid good?

While ZipRecruiter is seeing salaries as high as $126,820 and as low as $18,679, the majority of salaries within the Coast Guard jobs category currently range between $41,781 (25th percentile) to $75,699 (75th percentile) with top earners (90th percentile) making $105,683 annually in California.

Apart from this, is the Coast Guard a full time job? Yes. The Coast Guard Reserve is a part-time force of about 8,000, specially trained people who serve with the Coast Guard one weekend a month and two weeks every year. Coast Guard Reservists work directly alongside active-duty Coast Guard personnel and perform the same jobs as active-duty personnel.

Furthermore, is Coast Guard a good career?

Pro: Lots of Career Choices By serving in the Coast Guard, you will get lots of opportunities and experience such as jobs in criminal justice and criminology. As a law enforcement entity, you have an opportunity to get valuable training and experience that can help you pursue other law enforcement careers.

What is the Coast Guard age limit?

Age Limits for Enlisting You must be at least 17 to enlist in any branch of the active military. The oldest you can be to enlist for active duty in each branch is: Coast Guard: 31. Marines: 28.

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Do coast guards go to war?

As one of the nation's five armed services, the Coast Guard has been involved in every war from 1790 to Iraq and Afghanistan. It was officially established as the Revenue Marine by the Continental Congress at the request of Alexander Hamilton.

Does Coast Guard pay for housing?

Housing Allowance Coast Guard members on active duty entitled to Basic Military Pay may be authorized a monthly Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) based on a member's pay grade, dependency status (with or without dependents) and duty station location.

What is the highest paying military branch?

1) Australian Defense Force- For overall pay and benefits, you simply can do no better than the ADF. This is the highest paid military branch.

What coast guard jobs are in demand?

Career Information for In-Demand Coast Guard Jobs
  • Culinary Specialist. Culinary specialists are necessary to help feed members of the U.S. Coast Guard. ...
  • Electrician's Mate. ...
  • Electronics Technician. ...
  • Operations Specialist. ...
  • Avionics Electrical Technician.

Can you pick your job in Coast Guard?

Is it true the Coast Guard is very selective? Yes, we are a small military service with 38,000 active duty and 8,000 reserve personnel. The Coast Guard is not for everyone, and not everyone who wants to join may be qualified. We have high standards and are very selective with applicants we bring on board.

What are 3 careers you can get in the Coast Guard?

View Coast Guard Job Descriptions
  • Aviation Maintenance Technician. AMTs are responsible for maintaining and crewing CG aircraft. ...
  • Aviation Survival Technician. ...
  • Avionics Electrical Technician. ...
  • Boatswain's Mate. ...
  • Culinary Specialist. ...
  • Damage Controlman. ...
  • Electrician's Mate. ...
  • Electronics Technician.

What disqualifies you from joining the Coast Guard?

You will undergo a credit check. You with have to pass security clearance check. You will have to pass a criminal record review. (2nd and 3rd degree misdemeanors and or felony convictions disqualify you from joining the US Coast Guard)

Do Coast Guard have guns?

The Coast Guard employs various small arms including handguns, shotguns, rifles, and machine guns.

How long is Coast Guard training?

Coast Guard reservists undergo Basic Training at the Coast Guard Training Center in Cape May, New Jersey, for eight weeks.

What is the weight requirement for Coast Guard?

The US Coast Guard is often not the first branch one thinks of when considering joining the US Military. With that said, they do play a vital role in our nations security....Coast Guard Height And Weight Requirements.Height (inches)Minimum Screening Weight (lbs.)Maximum Screening Weight (lbs.)

How many hours do coast guards work?

On average, how many hours do you work a day at U.S. Coast Guard? 8-10 hours a day. Sometimes much more due to operational tempo.

Will Coast Guard pay for college?

As an active-duty member in the Coast Guard, you'll be privy to a benefits package that is largely unheard of for most people just starting out. College tuition assistance, housing and meal allowance, free health, dental and eye care, and 30 days paid vacation are just the beginning of the benefits offered.

Can I join the military at 55?

The oldest active duty age limit for the Army is 35; for the Navy, 34; for the Marines, 29; for the Air Force, 39; and for the Coast Guard, 27.

What is the age limit to join the Space Force?

Military Age Requirements by Branch of ServiceBranchActive DutyService Academies
Marine Corps17-2817-23
Air Force17-3917-23
Space ForceContact an Air Force recruiter at 1-800-423-8723 for eligibility requirements.

Can I join military at 40?

Across the United States Armed Forces, the maximum age for enlistment for someone who has never served in the military before depends on the branch. For the Army, the maximum age is 35. For the Navy, age waivers start at 34-years-old. For the Air Force, the maximum age allowed to join is 39-years-old.

Which is better Navy or Coast Guard?

In the battle of Navy vs. Coast Guard, the Navy wins the heavyweight title. The Navy boasts 325,000 active duty and 107,000 reserve sailors, while the Coast Guard has just over 40,000 active duty personnel and 7,600 reservists.

What is the easiest military branch?

At the background clearance check stage, the easiest military branch to join is the Army or Navy. At the ASVAB stage, the easiest military branch to join is the Army or Air Force. At the basic training stage, the easiest military branch to join is the Air Force.

Can you have tattoos in the Coast Guard?

Tattoos are permitted in the Coast Guard on most parts of the body. There are no restrictions on the amount, size, or percentage of coverage of tattoos apart from the head, face, neck, and hands.

How much does the Coast Guard pay per month?

Like the other military branches, the United States government sets the pay scale for the Coast Guard. Basic pay starts at $1,554 per month or $18,648 a year for E-1 and $3,188 per month or $38,256 a year for O-1. Coast Guard basic training pay starts as soon as the recruit begins boot camp.

Is there a signing bonus for Coast Guard?

The bonuses are not small. “If you actually have a bachelor's degree and you enlist, you're getting a $10,000 bonus,” Sekitoleko said. “If you have an associate's degree, it's a $5,000 bonus.” That money is paying off for the Coast Guard.

What is Army salary?

U.S. Army Jobs by SalaryJob TitleRangeAverage
Army OfficerRange:$61k - $116kAverage:$83,638
Army Sergeant, InfantryRange:$27k - $51kAverage:$36,910
Logistics ManagerRange:$45k - $105kAverage:$68,962
Human Resources (HR) SpecialistRange:$26k - $73kAverage:$42,690

Who gets paid more navy or Army?

Compared to enlisted service members with the same amount of experience, military officers make considerably more money. A freshly commissioned O-1 — 2nd Lt. (Army/Marine Corps/Air Force), Ensign (Navy) — earns $3,188 per month in base pay alone.

What is the safest military branch?

If you're considering the military, it's the safest branch (navy isn't bad either) - Depending on the job you have you could work in all weather conditions - I worked an average of 10 hours a day, but again that depends on the job you pick/or are assigned to. - Sometimes during exercises you can work 12-14 hours a day.

What military branch is the hardest to get into?

To recap: The hardest military branch to get into in terms of education requirements is the Air Force. The military branch with the toughest basic training is the Marine Corps. The hardest military branch for non-males because of exclusivity and male dominance is the Marine Corps.

What are the physical requirements to join the Coast Guard?

What are the minimum physical fitness requirements?
  • PUSH-UPS: (in 1 minute) male: 29 female: 15.
  • SIT-UPS: (in 1 minute) male: 38 female: 32.
  • 1.5 MILE RUN: (minutes) male:12:51 female: 15:26.
  • COMPLETE SWIM CIRCUIT: Jump off a 1.5 meter platform into the pool, swim 100 meters unassisted.