What does snag mean in slang?

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Snag: A partner for a date or a one-night stand many times a result from a 49.

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Afterall, what does have a snag mean?

Encounter a problem or obstacle. For example, We've hit a snag with this building project. The noun snag has been used in the sense of “a sharp or rough projection,” such as would impede passage, since the 1500s.

In every case, what is an example of snag? An example of a snag is a sharp piece of wood sticking out from a cabinet. An example of a snag is a pulled thread in a sweater. An unexpected or hidden obstacle, difficulty, etc. ... A dead or partly dead tree that is still standing.

Just, what does snag mean?

1a : to catch and usually damage on or as if on a snag. b : to halt or impede as if by catching on a snag. 2 : to catch or obtain usually by quick action or good fortune. 3 : to hew, trim, or cut roughly or jaggedly.

What is SMEG slang for?

New Word Suggestion. Word used as a substitute for foul language. - Originally used in Red Dwarf. - Example: "What the smeg is going on?" "You smeghead." "Oh, smeg."

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Is snag a slang?

The Australian National Dictionary Centre suggests that snag as slang for "sausage" most likely derives from the earlier British slang for "light meal", although it makes no comment on how it came to be specifically applied to sausages.

What's a snag Australia?

Most commonly, the main sale item at a sausage sizzle is a pork or beef sausage (often referred colloquially in Australian slang as a "snag"), cooked on a grill or barbecue and served on a single slice of white bread, or a hot dog roll in Western Australia.

How do you use snag in Word?

hew jaggedly.
  • A minor snag is that it's expensive.
  • The only snag is, I can't afford it!
  • It's an interesting job. ...
  • A police clampdown on car thieves hit a snag when villains stole one of their cars.
  • There is just one small snag—where is the money coming from?
  • There must be a snag in it somewhere.
  • Why is a sausage called a snag?

    The Australian National Dictionary Centre suggests that snag as slang for "sausage" most likely derives from the earlier British slang for "light meal", although it makes no comment on how it came to be specifically applied to sausages. ... If it's been a while, get a sausage meal tonight!

    What is a standing dead tree called?

    Snags - The name for dead trees that are left upright to decompose naturally. ... Logs - When a snag (or part of a snag) falls on the ground, it becomes a log—also very useful for wildlife habitat.

    What is a Snagger in fishing?

    After first casting a hook into the water, a snagger will wait until a fish is sighted, at which time they will reel in the hook until it is positioned above the fish. Once the fish is in line with the hook, the snagger then yanks on the line to "snag" the fish before attempting to reel it in.

    What is the meaning of snag in a sentence?

    informal. a problem, difficulty, or disadvantage: We don't anticipate any snags in/with the negotiations. The drug is very effective - the only snag is that it cannot be produced in large quantities. Talks hit a snag after 97 percent of union members voted to strike.

    What is a snag in clothing?

    In textiles, a snag is created when a sharp or rough object pulls, plucks, scratches, or drags a group of fibres, yarn, or a yarn segment from its normal pattern. ... Snags that have distortion and no protrusion, Snags that have both protrusion and distortion.

    What is the synonym of snag?

    In this page you can discover 47 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for snag, like: hindrance, difficulty, barrier, catch, drawback, glitch, hamper, hazard, hinder, hitch and hurdle.

    What does snag mean in 2k?

    SNAG means "Sensitive New Age Guy."

    What does snag free mean?

    Definition- A fabric constructed to resist snagging, ripping, threading, etc., when rubbed against a rough surface. Snag resistant fabric is extremely durable for repeated wear.

    What is a Bunnings snag?

    'Bunnings snag' meaning A sausage cooked on a BBQ at a Bunnings Warehouse, typically for charity purposes. The charity will set up outside the front of the bunnings with a gazebo and sell a snag sanga for $2.

    What does Smeg Head mean in slang?

    Filters. (slang, derogatory) A fool.

    Is Smeg a bad word?

    (slang) Used as a swear word.

    Why do they say Smeg in Red Dwarf?

    Smeg. Smeg is a vulgarism or expletive used throughout the series of Red Dwarf. Although no specific meaning is ever given, it and its derivatives are regularly used as a derogatory term. On 14 February 2015 at the MCM Midlands Comic Con, Robert Llewellyn explicitly attested that smeg is a shortened version of smegma.

    What do Aussies call their friends?

    100 Australian Slang Words & PhrasesAussie slang word/phraseMeaning
    ManchesterSheets / Linen etc

    What does Snagaholic mean?

    To mean they are addicted to snacks.

    What do Australians put on their hot dogs?

    The Sausage Sizzle sandwich is made of a sausage -- or snag, as the Aussies call them -- wrapped in bread, with onions typically placed along the top. The company has since stipulated that fried onions must be placed in the bun first to avoid them falling onto the floor, creating a potential safety risk.

    What is a hot dog called in Australia?

    Snag. Definition: sausage, also used to refer to sliced bread and sausage combo, Australian hot dog. Example: “Grab a few snags for the party tonight!” Snag isn't just a part of Australian vocabulary; it's part of Australian culture.

    How do I make a Bunnings snag?

    How do you use a snag?

    You can also open it from the Start Menu: Start > Programs > TechSmith > SnagIt 11. Hover over the SnagIt toolbar, and then single click on the red Capture button. Your screen will “gray out” and two yellow intersecting lines will appear. Click and drag to select the area of your screen you wish to capture.

    What is a antonym for snag?

    Opposite of an unexpected or hidden obstacle or drawback. advantage. aid. assistance. benefit.

    How do Australians say sausages?

    Snags (sausages) – “Chuck some extra snags on the barbie!

    What do they call sausages in America?

    Bratwurst - Bratwurst - is a common type of sausage in the United States which was originally brought to North America by German immigrants.

    What does Woop Woop mean in Australia?

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Woop Woop is an Australian and New Zealand term meaning a place that is a far distance from anything.

    What is a Widowmaker tree?

    Among tree people, the term “widow maker” describes a tree hazard that's just as deadly as the black widow. ... “It's used to describe a broken or dead branch in a tree that is hanging or ready to fall. It falls on you and your wife's a widow,” he says.