What does name of complainant mean?

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1 : the party who makes the complaint in a legal action or proceeding. 2 : one who complains. Synonyms & Antonyms Example Sentences Learn More About complainant.

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On top of that, what is another word for complainant?

In this page you can discover 17 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for complainant, like: plaintiff, defendant, respondent, law, claimant, adjudicator, petitioner, tribunal, ombudsman, the-prosecution and applicant.

That said, what is the opposite meaning of complainant? Antonyms for (noun) complainant Main entry: plaintiff, complainant. Definition: a person who brings an action in a court of law. Antonyms: defendant, suspect. Definition: a person or institution against whom an action is brought in a court of law; the person being sued or accused.

Even so, what does complainant mean in law?

The term used in the Criminal Code to refer to the alleged victim of an alleged offence. Although complainants often report their victimization to the police, they are not legally obliged to do so. Sometimes, allegations of an offence are reported by someone other than the complainant.

Who can be a complainant?

a person who makes a formal complaint in a law court that they have been harmed by someone else: The burden of proof is on the complainant to bring forth any evidence they have.

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What is a complaining person called?

Definitions of complainer. a person given to excessive complaints and crying and whining. synonyms: bellyacher, crybaby, grumbler, moaner, sniveller, squawker, whiner.

Is plaintiff and complainant the same?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. A plaintiff (Π in legal shorthand) is the party who initiates a lawsuit (also known as an action) before a court. ... In criminal cases, the prosecutor brings the case against the defendant, but the key complaining party is often called the "complainant".

What is the difference between complainant and respondent?

The Parties. The Complainant is the person who initiates a Formal Complaint and the Respondent is the person against whom the Formal Complaint is made. Together, they are the “parties.”

What is another word for stenographer?

In this page you can discover 11 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for stenographer, like: stenographist, office-worker, typist, shorthand stenographer, clerk, amanuensis, shorthand-typist, , Warlimont, adjutant and secretary.

Who knows everything called?

A pantomath is a person who wants to know or knows everything. ... In theory, a pantomath is not to be confused with a polymath in its less strict sense, much less with the related but very different terms philomath and know-it-all.

What is another word for plaintiff?

In this page you can discover 19 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for plaintiff, like: accuser, prosecutor, complainant, law, pursuer, litigant, claimant, testator, defendant, appellant and the-prosecution.

What is the synonym of defendant?

In this page you can discover 27 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for defendant, like: offender, respondent, prisoner at the bar, prisoner, appellant, the accused, party, accuser, complainant, plaintiff and accused.

Is the complainant the victim?

Lesson summary. A complainant is someone who makes a report of criminal wrongdoing. A complainant can be the victim or witness of an alleged crime. A complainant will make a detailed statement to the police regarding the facts and circumstances of the complaint.

What does the complainant do?

a person, group, or company that makes a complaint, as in a legal action.

Who is a complainant under Consumer Protection Act?

One such special act to safeguard the interest of innocent consumers is the “Consumer Protection Act, 1986”. Any consumer who is betrayed by the trader and denied his/her rights can lodge a complaint against the trader under this Act.

Who can become complainant under consumer Protection Act 1986?

A consumer complaint can be filed by one or more consumers, any registered voluntary consumer association, the Central or State Government, heirs or legal representatives of the consumer. Where the consumer is a minor, the complaint can be filed by his parent or legal guardian.

What is the word for someone who is never satisfied?

If someone can't be satisfied, she is insatiable.

What do you call someone who never complains?

stoic. noun. someone who accepts things without complaining.

How do you tell someone to stop complaining?

How to survive a conversation with a complainer
  • Listen and nod.
  • Validate, sympathize, deflect, redirect.
  • Keep advice brief and to the point.
  • If you want to disagree, do it right.
  • Don't ever tell them that things “aren't so bad”
  • Don't ever complain about the complainers (or with them)
  • •

    Is plaintiff civil or criminal?

    While the term plaintiff is always associated with civil litigation, the wrongdoer is called a defendant in both civil litigation and a criminal prosecution, so this can be confusing. The defendant can be any person or thing that has caused harm, including an individual, corporation, or other business entity.

    Is the plaintiff the victim?

    In legal terms, the plaintiff is the person who brings a lawsuit against another party. This is not to be confused with being seen as the victim in a lawsuit, because being the plaintiff doesn't mean you're in the right. It's simply the legal term for being the person who filed a lawsuit against the defendant.

    Am I the plaintiff or defendant?

    Basically, if you are suing someone then you are the Plaintiff and if you are being sued, you are the Defendant.

    What are respondent rights?

    A respondent has the right to provide a full response to the allegations. This necessitates that a respondent be given the allegations in advance. A respondent may respond by denying the allegations or admitting to them in part, while bringing any mitigating circumstances to the investigator's attention.

    Who is the complainant in a criminal case?

    Complainant. A term used in court to refer to a victim of crime..

    Is respondent the same as defendant?

    The respondent can be either the plaintiff or the defendant from the court below, as either party can appeal the decision thereby making themselves the petitioner and their adversary the respondent. Formerly, in the equity courts of common law, the defendant was always called the respondent.

    What does a amanuensis mean?

    : one employed to write from dictation or to copy manuscript composed her autobiography with the help of an amanuensis.

    What is another word for transcribe?

    In this page you can discover 14 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for transcribe, like: reproduce, translate, copy, duplicate, record, rewrite, reprint, written-down, decipher, transliterate and transcription.

    What means stenographer?

    1 : a writer of shorthand. 2 : a person employed chiefly to take and transcribe dictation.

    What do you call a person who thinks they are always right?

    There are many words to describe someone who always needs to be right, including indomitable, adamant, unrelenting, insistent, intransigent, obdurate, unshakeable, dictatorial.

    What is a person who thinks they are always right?

    If you wish to imply that they always think they are right, and are indeed always right: genius. polymath.

    What do you call a person who pretends to know everything?

    You can use Charlatan. Its meaning in the Cambridge dictionary is. a person who pretends to have skills or knowledge that they do not have. You should also check out its synonyms and related idioms at the above link to see which one better suits your purpose.

    Which comes first plaintiff or defendant?

    (In the trial court, the first name listed is the plaintiff, the party bringing the suit. The name following the "v" is the defendant.