What age is a 23 inch tennis racket for?

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The 21-inch is the next size up and is ideal for kids aged 5-6 years and our 23-inch rackets are intended for kids aged 7-8 years old. Remember to take your under-8 child's height into account when choosing a racket for them.

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However, how do you measure a tennis racket for a child?

One way or the other, how do you buy a tennis racket for a child? One of the easiest ways to choose a racket for your child is to use the United States Tennis Association's (USTA) chart to learn what racket they recommend, based on your child's age. The differences in length are subtle from one age group to the next.

Ergo, what tennis racket should I buy for kids?

The 10+ Best Kids Tennis Racquets

RacquetAvailable Sizes (Inches)
Head Speed Djokovic Junior19, 21, 23, 25
Babolat Aero Nadal Junior21, 23, 25, 26
Head Instinct Blue Racquet23,25
Weierfu Kids Racquet17, 19, 21

How do you pick a beginner tennis racket?

A good racket for beginners should be lighter in weight. You will find it easier to swing the racket and will be able to play for longer before tiring. Heavier rackets can be a little harder to move about to begin with, as the muscles you use for tennis are still developing.

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How do you determine tennis racket size?

Tennis racquet grip sizes are determined by measuring the circumference around the edge of the handle. This circumference is measured in the middle of the racquet handle and the sizes range from 4 inches to 4 3/4 inches.

What is a junior tennis racket?

racquets are generally for kids ages 11-12, who have played tennis for a few years or are able to handle swinging a longer racquet. If the junior is above the age of 12, we recommend that you look at purchasing an adult racquet ranging in length between 27 - 27.25 inches.

What is the standard tennis racquet size?

The length of a racquet is measured from the butt of the handle to the tip of the head. It ranges between 27 inches (the most common) and 29 inches (the maximum length allowed in professional and non-professional tennis).

What is L2 tennis racket size?

Determining the correct grip sizeGrip SizeLength
L1 (4 1/8")4 and 1/8" (4.125 inches)
L2 (4 1/4")4 and 2/8" (4.25 inches)
L3 (4 3/8")4 and 3/8" (4.375 inches)
L4 (4 1/2")4 and 4/8" (4.5 inches)

How do you teach a child to play tennis?

What is the biggest tennis grip size?

Measuring Your Grip Size Manufactured tennis racquet grip sizes range from less than 4” for juniors to 4 7/8” for the largest adult hands.

Do tennis rackets come in different sizes?

There are various sizes to choose from: Racquets that measure between 19 and 23 inches tend to be best for players age 8 and under. Racquets between 23 and 25 inches long are the best for players at the 9 and 10-year-old age level. The 26-inch racquet is best for players adjusting to the 78-foot court.

How do you play tennis for beginners?

What is the difference between L1 and L2 tennis rackets?

That just refers to the size of the handle on the racket. The larger the number (L5) the larger the handle on the racket. The smaller the number, of course, the smaller the handle. In general, we recommend ladies should choose grip sizes between L1 and L2.

What does L1 L2 L3 L4 mean on a tennis racket?

Yeah, it refers to grip sizes. Each size up is a 1/8 inch increase. So L1= 4 1/8, L2 = 4 2/8 = 4 1/4, L3 = 4 3/8, L4 = 4 4/8 = 4 1/2, etc.

What age is best to start tennis lessons?

A good age for starting tennis training is 5-6 years of age
  • Physical aspect: tennis develops visual-motor coordination and helps to strengthen muscles. It also improves agility, reaction speed and reflexes, etc.
  • Psychological aspect: thanks to the fun of the game, tennis stimulates wit and tactical thinking.

How do I introduce my child to tennis?

3 Ways to Introduce Kids to Tennis
  • Be a good mentor. While many things have changed over the years, some things have stayed the same. ...
  • Bring the game home. Keep the kids unplugged at home, by creating a kid-friendly court in your backyard. ...
  • Find a good program.
  • What is Quickstart tennis?

    What Is Quickstart Tennis? Quickstart tennis is a simple but effective concept that exists to get children interested in and engaged with tennis at an early age. It uses child-sized courts and equipment to make it easier for young kids to run around and play.

    What size tennis racket does a 10 year old need?

    A racquet sizing chart for childrenAgeHeightRacquet Length
    4-5 years40-44 inches21 inches
    6-8 years45-49 inches23 inches
    9-10 years50-55 inches25 inches
    10 or older55 inches or taller26 inches

    What size tennis grip should I get?

    The main rule with grip size is that you want a handle big enough so that there is some space between the tips of your fingers and your hand (like the image on the left). If your fingers go all the way around the handle and run back into your hand (like the image on the right), you need a larger grip size.

    What is grip size?

    The grip size is the circumference of the handle of the racket, and the size you need will therefore depend on the size of your hand. While the grip size is measured in inches, they are often converted into numbers ranging from Grip Size 0 to 5, or L0 to L5.

    Can you learn tennis at any age?

    Play Tennis at Every Age There really is no age cutoff for playing tennis. You can begin as a kid or you can begin later in life, and you'll enjoy it just as much. Besides, the health benefits of playing tennis are unmatched. ... Contact Us to learn more about getting started with adult tennis lessons and fitness training.

    What do beginner tennis players need?

    The only equipment you need to play a tennis match is a tennis racket, tennis shoes, a tennis ball, and a tennis court with a regulation net. Your racket head and grip should be the right size and weight for your skill level so you can wield it easily.

    Is tennis easy to pick up?

    Most struggle with the serve heavily, while others can pick it up at a decent pace. But a strong, advanced serve takes years of learning and good coordination. The other areas of tennis that require precision timing are the volleys and overheads. ... This is what makes tennis so difficult.

    Is a lighter tennis racket better?

    Lighter racquets are typically easier to swing and maneuver and offer up effortless power but tend to provide less overall stability and control when hitting. ... Generally, lighter tennis racquets feature stiffer frames and larger head sizes.