Is iPhone 11 worth buying?

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iPhone 11 delivers superior performance, high-end video recording quality, superb battery life, and software coverage for 5-6 years straight. These are just a handful of traits why you still should choose the iPhone 11 in 2021.

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On the other hand, is iPhone 11 having problems?

Apple has reported that iPhone 11 models made between November 2019 and May 2020 may have a problem with the touchscreen malfunctioning. While the display may be unchanged, this malfunction causes the touchscreen capabilities to completely fail.

Any way, how much is an iPhone 11 full price? The iPhone 11 will retail for $699. The iPhone 11 Pro will retail for $999, and the 11 Pro Max will retail for $1,099. Apple is promoting trade-ins of previous models to lower the cost.

Along with it, how long will an iPhone 11 last?

The iPhone 11 features a 3,110 mAh battery, which is higher capacity than the 2,942 mAh battery in the iPhone XR. Apple says that it lasts for up to 17 hours during video playback, up to 10 hours for streaming video playback, and up to 65 hours for audio playback.

Can iPhone 11 take pictures underwater?

However, “water-resistant” is not synonymous with “waterproof.” So if you want to take underwater photos with your iPhone, you'll need a waterproof case. ... iPhone 11: Maximum depth of 2 meters up to 30 minutes. iPhone 11 Pro: Maximum depth of 4 meters up to 30 minutes.

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Why is the sound on my iPhone 11 so low?

Go to SETTINGS, SOUNDS AND HAPTICS, then look at RINGERS AND ALERTS. the CHANGE WITH BUTTONS option on my phone was not enabled. As soon as I enabled it the ringer volume is easily adjusted and works fine.

How can I fix my iPhone 11?

Do you get a free iPhone 11 if you switch to T Mobile?

T-Mobile is offering a free 64GB iPhone 11 for new customers who switch to T-Mobile and open a new line of service. Eligible trade-in required, and discount applied over a 24 month period. The fine print: “Get iPhone 11 On Us when you switch, via 24 monthly bill credits with a qualifying iPhone trade-in.

How much is an iPhone 12?

The $799 iPhone 12 is the standard model with a 6.1-inch screen and dual camera, while the new $699 iPhone 12 Mini has a smaller, 5.4-inch screen. The iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max cost $999 and $1,099 respectively, and come with triple-lens cameras and premium designs.

Is iPhone 11 being discontinued?

The iPhone 11 Pro came out in September 2019, and while Apple continued to sell the regular iPhone 11 alongside the iPhone 12 lineup introduced in September 2020, the iPhone 11 Pro was discontinued. Our previous iPhone 11 Pro roundup is archived below.

Can I take my iPhone 11 Pro in the shower?

yes you can take iphone 11 in bath or shower Because Its Water Resistance..

Is iPhone 11 wireless charging?

But in case you're unsure, the following iPhones that support wireless charging: iPhone 8 or 8 Plus. ... iPhone 11. iPhone 11 Pro or 11 Pro Max.

What do I do if I dropped my iPhone 11 in water?

What to do if the iPhone 11 gets wet
  • If you didn't use a waterproof case and your phone was exposed to water, you should immediately dry it off. Use a dry towel or cloth to wipe any moisture away from its exterior. ...
  • Do not turn the iPhone on or plug it into a charger until it is completely dry.
  • Is iPhone 11 a premium phone?

    The iPhone 11 is the most affordable of the new products. The iPhone 11 Pro is the premium phone with all the bells and whistles, while the iPhone 11 Pro Max is the larger version of the 11 Pro. ... The iPhone 11 Pro has a 5.8-inch screen while the iPhone 11 Pro Max uses a massive 6.5-inch one.

    Can iPhone 11 screen be replaced?

    Right now, Apple charges $199 to replace an iPhone 11 display, $279 to replace an iPhone 11 Pro display and $329 to replace an iPhone 11 Pro Max display. You can bring this down to $29 with an AppleCare+ plan, but the plan will cost you $199 upfront or $9.99 per month for two years ($240).

    How do I make my iPhone 11 louder?

    Points to make iPhone 11 Pro Max Call Volume Louder?
  • Open the Settings App.
  • Tap Accessibility.
  • Hit on Audio/Visual appear under the HEARING Section.
  • Then set the ball of the slider on the middle (not too much on the left side and not set to the right side)
  • How do I make my iPhone 11 ring?

    How do I clean my iPhone 11 speaker?

    Why can't I turn on my iPhone 11?

    Press and hold the side button until your iPhone's display goes black. When the screen turns black, press and hold the volume down button while continuing to hold the side button. Hold both buttons for five seconds. ... Click Restore and follow the on-screen prompts to DFU restore your iPhone.

    Why can't I turn off my iPhone 11?

    Try Settings > General > Shut Down. Or press and hold the side button and either volume button until the power off slider appears. Thanks. That worked.

    Why is iPhone 11 pro discontinued?

    When it launched it was the most potent iPhone ever released. It had incredible battery life, an amazing camera, and a beautiful OLED display and industrial design. ... The decision to discontinue the iPhone 11 Pro Max was apparently taken in order to bolster sales of Apple's newer 5G iPhones inside the iPhone 12 lineup.

    How do u get a free iPhone?

    The two real ways to get free iPhones that you most often see are from telecom carriers. They're either a free iPhone with a new plan or some form of a trade-in deal. Either way, you will be going through a carrier. To get a free iPhone will depend on the value of your trade-in and the phone model you're selecting.

    What carrier is offering free phones?

    Free cell phones are readily available through leading mobile carriers like Verizon Wireless, Sprint, and AT&T when consumers choose one of their select wireless phone plans.

    What carrier is giving free iPhones?

    Verizon, the nation's largest wireless carrier, is giving new and existing customers free 5G-compatible phones including the iPhone 12 Mini and Samsung's S21 5G with the trade in of an old phone.