How is flour made Doodle God?

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Combine stone and wheat to create flour.

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Also, how do you make pie in Doodle God?

Combine apple and dough to create pie.

In any case, how do you make assassin on Doodle God? Combine human and poisoned weapon to create assassin.

Incidently, how do you make a demon in Doodle God?

Combine beast and darkness to create demon.

How do you make poison in Doodle God?

Combine snake and tools to create poison.

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How do you make golem in Doodle God?

Combine Life and Clay to create Golem.

How do you make b52 in Doodle God?

Combine coffee and vodka to create b-52.

How do you make sunflower in Doodle God?

Combine flower and sun to create sunflower.

How do you make a car in Doodle God?

Combine cart and oil to create car.

How do you make Hunter in Doodle God?

Combine human and weapon to create hunter.

How do you make sin in Doodle God?

Combine human and religion to create sin.

How do you make heaven in Doodle God?

Combine death and religion to create heavens.

How do you make soul in Doodle God?

Soul is available by making one of the following combinations:
  • Combine demon and human to create soul.
  • Combine fire and witch to create soul.
  • Combine corpse and light to create soul.
  • How is white flour made?

    White flour is made using just the endosperm, which is about 75% of the grain. Wholemeal or wholegrain flour, as the name suggests, uses all of the grain. And brown flour uses around 85% of the grain. See here for more information on some of the different types of flour available.

    How do you make flour by hand?

    How do you grind wheat into flour?

    How do you make house in Doodle God?

    Combine bricks and concrete to create house.

    How do you make a turtle in Doodle God?

    Combine Egg and Sand to create Turtle.

    How do you make a cat on Doodle God?

    Combine beast and house to create cat.

    How do you make all the artifacts in Doodle God?

  • Stonehenge: Stone + Stone + Stone.
  • Pyramid of Cheops: Sand + Corpse + Stone.
  • Sphinx: Human + Beast + Stone.
  • Basilisk: Lizard + Poison + Stone.
  • Santa's Sleigh: Snow + Wood + Human.
  • Eiffel tower: Metal + Tower + Skyscraper.
  • Titanic: Ship + Ice + Death.
  • Perpetual: Mechanism + Void + Energy.
  • How do you make a religion in Doodle God?

  • Combine commandments and human to create religion.
  • Combine apple and cellphone to create religion.
  • Combine human and prayer to create religion.
  • How do you make things in Doodle Devil?

    Doodle Devil Element Combination for Flash Game
  • Animals. Vampire + Air = Bat. Start with = Beast. ...
  • Evil. Start with = Chaos. Start with = Darkness. ...
  • Good. Life = Light = Angel. ...
  • Humans. Weapon + Beast = Blood. ...
  • Monsters. Beast + Death = Cerberus. ...
  • Nature. Start with = Air. ...
  • Plants. Start with = Apple. ...
  • Sins. Sin + Greed = Envy.
  • What does Human Plus Human make in Doodle God?

    Combine Human and Human to create Sex. Combine Human and Fire/Poison to create Corpse. Combine Human and Clay to create Ceramics. Combine Human and Energy to create Wizard.

    How do you make dolphin in Doodle God?

    Combine beast and fish to create dolphin.

    How do you make rogue in Doodle God?

  • Combine demon and rules to create rogue.
  • Combine assassin and law to create rogue.