How far should I be able to hit my 3 iron?

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Estimated beginner driver golf club distance chart


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Despite that, is it easy to hit a 3 iron?

When hitting a 3-iron — especially from the fairway or rough — golfers are typically facing an extremely difficult shot. No matter the skill level, a golfer needs supreme distance and accuracy when hitting a 3-iron. This fact alone makes it perhaps the hardest club to hit for most golfers.

In short, why is a 3 iron so hard to hit? This bulkiness means that the Moment of Inertia (MOI, which is the forgiveness factor) is greater but not as forgiving as an equivalent lofted Fairway wood or Hybrid. This makes the 3-iron more difficult to hit.

Still further, how much does 1 degree of loft affect distance?

The hitting distance difference between each iron in the set varies from golfer to golfer but we can pretty much say that it is 10 to 15 yards between each club. This difference is mostly created by two club specifications; the loft and the clubs length.

How far does Tiger Woods hit a 7 iron?

Tiger Woods is a legend of golf but on average, how long does he hit a 7 iron? Tiger hits his 7 irons approximately 172 yards. This is an average figure and there will times when Tiger hits the ball closer to 200 yards.

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Do pros carry a 3 iron?

Hell, only 20 percent of PGA Tour players carry a 3-iron that's not a utility iron. That number fades to almost nonexistent on the LPGA Tour. ... A 3-hybrid usually goes farther than a 3-iron. So you might actually want a 4-hybrid if you're looking to hit a specific yardage.

How do you hit a 3 iron?

When would you use a 3 iron?

The 3 iron can be great from the tee on a par 3 or tricky par 4 and also from the fairway. It can be a difficult club to hit from the fairway but, if you can hit it well you can hit any iron. The 3 iron is a great club to be able to hit accurately as it can open up holes for you like a surgeon's knife.

What is a 3-iron golf club used for?

Generally speaking, a 3-wood is used for a shot in the range of 210 yards, while a 3-iron is used for a shot in the range of 180 yards. A 5-wood is used for a shot of about 180 yards, while a 5-iron is used for a shot of about 160 yards.

Is a 5 wood equal to a 3-iron?

The basic difference between the five wood and the three iron are the way that they are hit. With a three iron, you are going to hit down and through a shot and compress the golf ball. With a 5 wood, you will have more of a sweeping type shot that will sweep the ball off the ground and towards your target.

Does higher loft mean less distance?

In general, the slower the swing or club speed, the higher the loft of the driver to optimize both carry and roll. Most drivers come in degrees of loft from 8.5 to 16. ... Now, if you could increase the loft to 12.4 degrees, your total distance would increase to 293 yards, an improvement of 15 yards.

Does 2 degrees of loft make a difference?

Does 2 degrees of loft make a difference? The higher the loft of your club is, the higher will be the flight path of your golf ball. The difference of distances between two clubs is generated by an increase in the loft angle and the length of the club. The calculations are based on a club length difference of 1/2”.

What is the best driver loft for distance?

(The average male-golfer swing speed is in the mid-90s.) Participants in our tests achieved more distance when they used drivers with less than 10 degrees of loft. In fact, swings often got the most distance with driver lofts at 9 degrees or less.

How far do pros hit a 7-iron?

The average distance golfers hit each club varies widely. A PGA Tour player hits a 7-iron between 172-215 yards. Meanwhile, a short-hitting amateur male golfer averages 120 yards with the same club. Men, women, seniors, juniors, professionals, amateurs and beginners all hit their clubs different distances.

How far should you be able to hit a 7-iron?

How to Know Which Golf Club to UseClubMen's Average DistanceWomen's Average Distance
4-iron170 yards150 yards (consider a hybrid, instead)
5-iron160 yards140 yards
6-iron150 yards130 yards
7-iron140 yards120 yards

How far does Tiger Woods hit a 8-iron?

According to Golf Digest, Tiger hits the driver an average of 285 yards with carry. His long irons (2- to 4-iron) range from 250 to 200 yards. His middle irons (5, 6, 7) range from 208 to 172 yards. His 8-iron travels 158 yards, and 9-iron flies 142.

Is the 3 iron dead?

The 3-iron is almost extinct. Yeah, it might skew the data, but even the players capable of playing the long irons are opting out of the 3 iron. ...

Do pro golfers use a 2-iron?

For most golfing mortals, however, the 2-iron is a difficult club to employ. That's one reason so many players – from high-handicappers to PGA pros – have replaced standard 2-irons with hybrids. The 2-iron is the longest iron, next to the rare 1-iron, and typically measures 39 to 39½ inches long.

Do pros use 2 irons?

With their updated designs making them easier to hit than old driving irons these clubs are used by almost 1/3 of the top 100 PGA Tour golfers. ... A small number of the PGA Tour pros also carry 2-iron versions of utility irons with another minority using driving irons up to a 5-iron.

How do you hit a 3 iron from a fairway?

How do you hit irons consistently for beginners?

When to use a 3 or 4-iron?

What is a 3 wood used for?

A three-wood imparts significantly more backspin, which will help with accuracy most of the time, and it also helps with workability control. The ball is teed much closer to the ground with a three-wood, so the variability of turf interaction does come into play.

What iron does a 3 wood replace?

Which hybrid replaces a 3-iron? Typically, a 3-iron is replaced by a 19 degree hybrid or a 5-wood, a 4-iron is replaced by a 22 degree hybrid or a 7-wood, a 5-iron is replaced by a 25 degree hybrid, and a 6-iron is replaced by a 28 degree hybrid.

Does a 3 hybrid replace a 3 wood?

As the 3-hybrid is a replacement for the 3-iron you can expect to achieve somewhere between 180 and 210 yards with a 3-hybrid. ... Roll-out distance with a 3-wood is greater than that of a 3-hybrid due to the apex difference between the two clubs.

Why is a 5 iron so hard to hit?

Some golfers make the mistake of playing the five iron with a ball position that is right in the middle of their stance. This will make it very difficult to even get the ball up off the ground. A proper ball position with a five iron is closer to your left foot than it is to the middle of your stance.

Are blade irons harder to hit?

Are blades golf clubs harder to hit? Blades are certainly harder to hit than cavity-back irons. Because most cavity-backs have a larger club head, manufacturers are able to move the weight around easier than they can with forged irons. ... For this reason, blades are much harder to hit than cavity-back irons.

What is the easiest iron number to hit?

From experience, most golfers will tell you that the 7-iron is the easiest club to master. A 5-iron will go further, and you can be on the green in three if you are lucky, but a 7-iron will go at least 120-130 yards, getting you easily on the green in four.

What iron is a 5 wood equivalent to?

The larger clubhead of a fairway wood compared to an iron makes it easier to achieve more distance without over-swinging. As a rough rule of thumb, a 5 wood would replace a 2 iron, a 7 wood the 3 or 4 iron, a 9 wood the 5 iron.